PU Timing Belt

  • PU Timing Belt
  • PU Timing Belt
PU Timing BeltPU Timing Belt

PU Timing Belt

  • Product description: PU Timing Belt


Widely used in ceramic, marble cutting machine, polishing machine, glass clean machine, electronics assembly line, food processing line, textile printing line, wood processing line, logistics sorting system and airport luggage loader, etc.


· High tensile strength and stiffness

· Parallel cord construction

- No cords exposed at belt edges

- Better tracking

- Uniform tensioning

· Tough polyurethane construction

- Durable and cut resistant

- Oil, chemical and water resistant

- Non-marking

· Steel or Kevlar tension members

· Choice of polymers including FDA grades

· Nylon back and nylon tooth surface options available for quieter operation and reduced friction


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