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How to choose conveyor belt?

Same question as what are you going to use it to conveying? Which means the material that needs to be transported decides the material, shape and specifications of the conveyor belt.

Shape is always the visible part, for instance, if you need to conveying fruits, then its better to use the PVC conveyor belt with food grade. If you need to conveying sand, need to use the chevron conveyor belt. And if the conveyor is applied for large inclination about 90°then need to use the sidewall conveyor belt.

Material also decides the specifications of the conveyor belt. Such as heat-resistant, cold-resistant, oil-resistant, chemical-resistant, fire-resistant,etc. For instance, if you need to conveying high temperature coal, about 200-600, need to usd the fire-resistant metal steel cord conveyor belt.

Its very important to choose the right one, a suitable conveyor belt can extend the service life and save your cost for maintenance.

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